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The internet is complex.  Even diligent parents struggle to make sense of it.  You are not alone. We Can Help!

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I know it's tough being a parent today. But, it's even harder being a kid.

Welcome to Protect Young Eyes! I'm Chris and sometimes I can't even sleep at night when I think about how difficult it is to grow up today. How many of you would be in prison right now if Snapchat was around when you were a kid? Seriously.

I started PYE because at the time, plenty of people were talking about online problems, but no one was telling parents HOW to fix them. After 12 years as a business advisor for EY, fixing problems is in my blood.

Our mission? We show families, schools, and churches how to create safer digital spaces. We do this with a pretty great website, super fly presentations, and a unique learning app for parents who have ZERO free time (and squirrel-chasing, no-focus brains like mine!). 

Be confident! I want your family connected AND protected. We'll show you how. Kids (like my 4!) want a digital coach - not a controller. And, I think you're completely capable. 

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