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The condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex.


In today’s culture, opinions and ideas run high on sexual orientation, same-sex-attraction (SSA), transgenderism, and what love is or should be. We realize this is a sensitive area to address and finding loving truth sometimes feels impossible. Our goal is to provide language, resources, hope and support from our team that includes pastors, leaders, counselors, and men and women who’ve come out of homosexuality. We work with individuals, families, and organizations to demystify the experience of homosexuality and offer strategies to love extravagantly while upholding biblical truth.


Male and female are not what we feel we are, but what we actually are. Help your kids sort the truth from fiction regarding transgenderism because transgenderism doesn't physically exist.

What is gender.jpg

What is Gender?

A computer screen image of Information teachers shared with their 1st grade students in Portland OR Public School's Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) classes.


Video"I Resolve Movement" A response to Gender Identity policies in our public schools.

Civil rights laws prohibit discrimination and discriminatory harassment on the basis of gender expression and gender identity in Washington public schools. All students have the rights to be treated consistent with their gender identity at school.

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