Rights, Respect, Responsibility

A K-12 Comprehensive Sexual Education

This curriculum, commonly referred to as the "3Rs", was developed by Advocates for Youth.  One of the first organizations advocating for adolescent reproductive and sexual health,  Advocates for Youth secured funding from private foundations to create and  provide "3Rs" sexual education curriculum free to the public.  

Illegal, obscene and harmful-to-minors 

Concerned parents and residents within the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson AZ  requested legal council to review “3Rs” comprehensive sex education (“CSE”) curriculum.  Click here to view a letter from Liberty Council, a non-profit litigation, education, and policy organization with an emphasis on constitutional law, outlining the problems and concerns with the "3Rs" curriculum. 

  Click here to check out this helpful guide to search, explore and access lesson plans for all grade levels and topics related to the "3Rs" K-12 Comprehensive Sexual Education curriculum. 


RIGHTS: Youth have the inalienable right to honest sexual health information; confidential, consensual sexual health services; and equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

RESPECT: Youth deserve respect. Valuing young people means authentically involving them in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies that affect their health and well-being.

RESPONSIBILITY: Society has the responsibility to provide young people with all of the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health, and young people have the responsibility to protect themselves.

Rationale for the Curriculum

While many sexuality education materials have addressed the needs of adolescents, Advocates for Youth realized that such education must begin much earlier. Learning about good communication, safety in relationships, and growth and development lays a foundation that can support healthy relationships and healthy behaviors throughout a person’s lifetime. This K-12 curriculum, therefore, is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion.