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RealTalk is a group of concerned parents united in the belief that Comprehensive Sexuality Education violates the sacred relationship between parent and child. We acknowledge that public schools have a role in educating children on matters of basic biology, anatomy, and reproduction. However, discussions concerning and promoting sexual intimacy, sexual orientation and gender identity are matters that far exceed the rightful boundaries of the public-school system. 

RealTalk exists to inform parents about the scope of these combined threats to their children, their rights as parents, and to protect our kids from the increasing advance of public-school indoctrination.

To provide training and materials for students, parents and our communities for promoting integrity in healthy sexual relationships.

“to partner in communities with local churches, pregnancy centers, Christian schools and leaders through transformational events and resources which inspire, educate, and support young people to embrace a lifestyle of Christ-centered sexual purity before and within marriage.”

We seek to encourage and equip students, parents, and our communities through healthy sexual education resources and training.

Our mission is to promote healthy relationships and to inspire integrity in Sex Education Programs taught in our schools and to be a resource for our churches and communities.


We exist to promote healthy relationships and inspire integrity in our youth by  helping teens make healthy sexual choices and equipping parents to help support their children in avoiding sexual risks.  

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