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The Law

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

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ENGROSSED SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 5395 as passed by the House, the Senate and signed into law by Governor Jay Enslee, March 27, 2020  "An Act relating to requiring Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE) that is consistent with the Washington State Health and Physical Education K-12 Learning Standards and that requires  affirmative consent* curriculum; and amending RCW 28A.300.475   (Page 1, Lines 1-4)

*"Affirmative consent" means a conscious and voluntary  agreement to engage in sexual activity as a requirement before sexual activity.  (Page 5, Lines 22-24)  Sometimes called "yes means yes", affirmative consent is the principle that consent to engage in sexual activity must be affirmative, voluntary and given while both parties are conscious. Bystander intervention (Page 2, Lines 3-12) is a system in which students intervene if a friend or fellow student is in a scenario where they are susceptible to sexual assault.

Mandating every public school in Washington State "shall provide Comprehensive Sexual Health Education to each student by the 2022-23 school year" (Page 1, Lines 8-11)

Abstinence may not be taught to the exclusion of other materials and instruction on contraceptives and disease prevention.  (Page 2, Lines 1-2)

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